How to use kompany

kompany allows you to get international background information of a particular business in an easy and affordable way in your local language. Imagine you are dealing with a French business partner you have never met before or a newly acquired Italian vendor. Would you know where to look for proper business background information and do a basic credit risk check? kompany provides you with full access to such information. How kompany works:

Type either a company name or a company's registered number in the main search box. While you are typing we suggest possible search results based on your search string, including a flag indicating country of domicile, full company name and registered number. Move the order of the country flags on the right side to sort the suggestions according to country of domicile.

You can either scroll and click on the suggestions. Clicking on a search result in the suggestions list will take you directly to the company's landing page. Alternatively, pressing 'Enter' or clicking the 'Search' button will initiate a search request.

We will now search for your text in our selected international partners databases - needless to say we put the emphasis on high quality premium data and availability.

Based on your search request you will receive a list of search results, showing country of domicile, name, status and registered number of the individual businesses found.

A fast purchase feature allows you to immediately select a register report with an extract from the Companies House, or our compact multi agency report, the kReport out of the search result list. Just click on the icons, and the product is added to your shopping cart. Add as many reports as you wish to your cart, which will open automatically and display all your cart items including individual and total pricing.

One more click in your shopping cart and you will be able to finish your purchasing process simply by using a credit - no sign up is required. A fast and convenient way for professional as well as first time users.

Alternatively you can click on a displayed search result and take a closer look at a selected business's free content before purchasing additional background information.

2. Get basic business information for free

Once you hit a search result, you will be redirected to the detailed company landing page where you will be able to obtain valuable information such as official company name, status, official company registered number, address and contact details - up-to-date, in real-time and for free. All information is available in multiple languages and multiple currencies. Select and change your preferred language and currency at any time at the top right corner of the page.

3. Purchase complete reports

If you would like to purchase more detailed information check out the content available on the left side of the detailed search result page. Again, with one click, you can add the following products to your cart:

1. Company register report: Directly retrieved from the official companies register of a particular country; you can easily 1-click purchase an official report.Preview Sample Report

2. Feature reports: Would you like to dig deeper into a business's background? Our premium partners provide many other detailed reports on topics such as in-depth credit scoring and rating analysis, officers and shareholders, bankruptcy reports, historical data and much more.

Click 'Sample Reports' to view a complete sample for each individual report type.

View your cart on the right side with a summary of all collected reports and a total sum for online payment. You can review and end edit your shopping list or proceed to checkout.

Follow the instructions for payment using credit or debit cards.

By the way, we have been working hard to provide you with a very useful feature: a bookshelf that stores all your purchased reports in one place, ready to be reviewed and updated with the latest changes at any time after purchase. Click on the company books in your bookshelf to show and re-open all reports you purchased. Click on items with notifications and follow instructions to update out-of-date information. Please sign up in order to use all the bookshelf-features.